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New Paradigm for Drug Toxicity


Introducing NEXEL’s products


Explore Neuronal Toxicity with Human induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-derived Neurons.

Neurons are a versatile cell type that can be applicable in many ways such as understanding neurodevelopment mechanisms, modeling neurological disorders, and discovering therapeutic targets for neurodiseases. However, establishing a reliable in vitro model for neurodevelopment is one of the limiting factors despite increasing demands on industry as well as academia.

NEXEL offers highly qualified neurons differentiated from hPSCs. Neurosight®-S is composed of mainly glutamatergic neurons, the major excitatory neurons in the brain. Neurosight®-S is a brand new product designed for recapitulating neurodevelopment, conducting neurotoxicity testing, evaluating botulinum toxin activity, and many other applications.

Applications of Neurosight®-S

Neurosight®-S can be used for various applications as such:

1. Neurotoxicity testing
2. Drug discovery
3. Botulinum toxin efficacy testing
4. Electrophysiological and biochemical assay


NEXEL provides two different types of cryopreserved Neurosight®-S, which are terminally differentiated into functional glutamatergic neurons. Neurosight®-S can be used in various types of cell culture plates. Enquire for any technical guidance or questions.

Catalog number N-001
Cryopreserved Neurosight®-S

Each kit contains

1. Neurosight®-S Media (NM-001, 50 ml)
2. Neurosight®-S Supplement (NS-001, 500 µl)
3. User Guide

Quantity ≥ 2 × 106 Viable cells/Vial
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Catalog number N-002
Cryopreserved Neurosight®-S

Each kit contains

1. Neurosight®-S Media (NM-002, 100 ml)
2. Neurosight®-S Supplement (NS-002, 1 ml)
3. User Guide

Quantity ≥ 4 × 106 Viable cells/Vial
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