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Cardiosight®-S FAQ

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There are non-beating cells observable in the microscope? Are these dead cells or cells that are not cardiomyocytes?

This may vary depending on the time you observe it. Beating can start as early as the day after tomorrow, and if late, from the third day. If you can't see the beating on a continuous observation, that cell is not a myocardial cell. 
If it is a single isolated cell on a plastic culture plate, it is possible for cardiomyocytes to no longer spontaneously beat. If there are a population of cells (exceeding 10% of the total population) which do not beat, please contact technical_support@nexel.co.kr or sales@nexel.co.kr.

I checked the cell the next day after plating, but it did not stick on the plate. Why? What should I do?

If there was no problem with cell count or vialbility during thawing cells, there is a high probability that the coating was poor. Please refer to the user guide for coating conditions and methods.

When can I start experimenting on the cells after thawing?

The cell population beats stably and in synch by day 3 but we recommend waiting at least one week for stabilization.

What is the differentiation stage of product?

Fully differentiated cardiomyocytes (cTnT positive).

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