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Curi Bio, Mantarray | 3D Tissue Contractility Analysis

Get Clinically-relevant Functional Data with 3D Tissues

Mantarray brings functional data into the earliest stages of preclinical testing of new medicines.

By providing parallel analysis of 3D engineered muscle tissues with adult-like functional profiles, Mantarray enables the discovery, safety, and efficacy testing of new therapeutics.

Measure Key Metrics in Your Own Lab

  • A. Force Frequency
    B. Rate of Contraction/Systole
    C. Rate of Relaxation/Diastole
  • D. Time to Max Twitch (Peak)
    E. Maximal Twitch Amplitude
    F. Full Width at Half Max

Mantarray Plate Kit

Easily Form 3D Tissues in Your Lab

Scalable Measurement
The 24-well format enables high-throughput
Compatible, label-free, non-optical measurements

With over 95% tissue formation success rate, the Mantarray Plate Kit allows for reliable and reproducible engineered tissues across 24 wells.
Request a Quote to inquire about getting Mantarray Plate Kits.

Mantarray Instrument

Utilize Exclusive, Versatile Magnetic Detection Technology

The Mantarray platform provides an easy-to-use, scalable, and flexible system that allows researchers to examine 3D tissues in vitro in the convenience of their own lab.
Be among the first to receive the instrument. Contact us to inquire about getting a Mantarray Instrument in your lab.

How It Works

The Mantarray system features a novel magnetic sensing technique that can detect the contraction of EMTs. This enables the user to measure the contractility of 24 tissues in parallel, a high throughput, and in real time. The system features user-friendly software that takes away the requirement for manual calculations of contractility, delivering contractility data at the click of a mouse.

The Mantarray system uses ANSI/SLAS compliant tissue casting devices that can be performed manually or via automation. EMTs can be used in nearly any kind of assay, including force (contractility), calcium, and structural assays. Mantarray brings EMTs into your own lab, allowing you to use your own cells to achieve your research goals.


Safety Screening

Magnetic Detection of Drug-induced Contractile Changes

The magnetic detection approach can measure both acute (minutes) and chronic (days) drug responses. Drugs such as isoproterenol can be measured the order of seconds to minutes, with enough sensitivity to measure dose response-like behavior. Additionally, longer-term chronic experiments such as doxorubicin can be performed over the course of days.

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