Stem Cell Research

Disease Modeling

Disease Modeling

NEXEL Co., Ltd. is making disease modeling iPSC line by gene editing methods.
By using our advanced differentiation methods, we can generate tissue specific cells which have disease phenotypes. These cells can be used for drug screening and studying disease mechanisms.

Organoid Research

Disease Modeling

NEXEL Co., Ltd. is developing organoid platform to recapitulate human organs including heart, liver, brain and pancreas. Organoids are cultured in three-dimensional (3D) condition and have more similar structure and functionality with human organ compare to 2D-cultured cells. We will launch our 3D organoid platform soon.

Tissue engineering Research

Disease Modeling

NEXEL Co., Ltd. is developing tissue patches and printed whole organs with global collaborators who are expert in 3D bio-printing. Tissue patch can support the function of each organ and help to recover damaged organ. We will launch our tissue patch platform soon and printed whole organ will be transplanted to the patient in a near future.

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