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New Paradigm for drug toxicity


Introducing NEXEL’s products


Explore Liver Toxicity with Human Pluripotent Stem Cell (hPSC)-derived Hepatocytes.

Pharmaceutical industry invests huge amount of money to screen the drug candidates for their toxicity, a key barrier in the development of the new therapies. Liver toxicity has been widely investigated due to the organ’s pivotal roles in our body, including metabolism of exogenous compounds. Currently, primary human hepatocytes (PHHs) have been considered as a ‘gold standard’ for investigation of liver toxicity but has several limitations, including their limited availability as well as variations between the donors.

NEXEL has developed a novel method to differentiate hPSCs into functional hepatocytes to overcome the limitations of PHHs. Hepatosight-S® guarantees functionality,
reproducibility, availability as well as minimum variations between the batches. We are providing this state-of-the-art technology to our customers at an affordable price.


NEXEL provides Hepatosight-P as a progenitor cell type which has differentiation potential into hepatocytes. Explore liver development with human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-derived hepatic progenitors.

Applications of Hepatosight-S®

Hepatosight-S® can be used for various applications as such:

1. Hepatotoxicity testing
2. Drug discovery
3. 3D spheroid culture
4. Development of organ-on-a-chip model


NEXEL provides two different types of cryopreserved Hepatosight-S®, which are terminally differentiated into functional hepatocytes. Hepatosight-S® can be used in various types of cell culture plates. Enquire for any technical guidance or questions.

Catalog number H-001
Cryopreserved Hepatosight-S®

Each kit contains

1. Hepatosight-S® Media (HM-001, 70 ml)
2. Hepatosight-S® Supplement (HS-001, 700 µl)
3. User's Guide

Quantity ≥ 5 × 106 Viable cells/Vial
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Catalog number H-002
Cryopreserved Hepatosight-S®

Each kit contains

1. Hepatosight-S® Media (HM-002, 120 ml)
2. Hepatosight-S® Supplement (HS-002, 1.2 ml)
3. User's Guide

Quantity ≥ 1 × 107 Viable cells/Vial
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