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Drug Response Assessment

Curi Bio, The Curi Engine | Human-Relevant Drug Responses Service

Utilize the Curi Engine

By integrating biology and engineering in the preclinical pipeline, Curi Bio can help improve the discovery, safety, and efficacy of your studies.

Curi Bio offers a suite of services utilizing our integrated platforms of human iPSC-derived cells, tissue-specific biosystems, AI-enabled phenotypic screening, iPSC disease model service, and iPSC reprogramming. Curi’s team of experts can help customize and execute studies to meet your desired endpoints.

• Disease Model Development
• Assay Development
• Discovery
• Cell Repositories

iPSC Disease Model Service,iPSC Reprogramming

Disease Model Development | iPSC Disease Model Service, iPSC Reprogramming

Curi Bio has a repository of iPSC’s for disease modeling, iPSC reprogramming, and proprietary technologies for differentiating these cells into myoblasts and cardiomyocytes. Curi has developed in vitro 3D disease models for multiple disease phenotypes. In addition, Curi has the capability of generating new gene-edited iPSC models in house.

Examples of Disease Model Services Curi Bio Offers

• Design and Manufacture of Isogenic Gene-edited Diseased/Wild Type (WT) Pairs
• 3D Engineered Heart Tissue (EHT) or Engineered Skeletal Muscle Tissue (EMT) Using Proprietary WT/Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Isogenic Pairs
• Differentiation of Your iPSC Lines Into Myoblasts and Cardiomyocytes
iPSC Reprogramming
• Therapeutic Potency Testing
iPSC Disease Model Service

Assay Development | iPSC Disease Model Service, iPSC Reprogramming

Curi Bio has deep expertise in developing rigorous and novel assays. Curi’s team of expert scientists and engineers have the experience and equipment to develop personalized assays and protocols to meet your custom needs. Please find our iPSC reprogramming and iPSC disease model services.

Examples of Assay Development Services Curi Bio Offers

• Custom Differentiation Protocols
• Qualified Protein Quantification
• Custom 3D-engineered Tissues
• Custom Drug Profiling Assays
• Custom Imaging Assays
• Custom iPSC Disease Model Service
• Custom iPSC Reprogramming

Discovery | iPSC Disease Model Service, iPSC Reprogramming

Curi Bio's team of stem cell, cardiac, and muscle experts joins forces with Curi's engineers and software developers to help get your discovery project off the ground. Curi offers both FTE-based or project-based service options.

Cell Repositories | iPSC Disease Model Service, iPSC Reprogramming

Curi Bio’s iPSC Repositories Available for Services

• Custom Panel of Different Gender and Ethnicities
• Disease Model Pairs
• Patient-derived iPSC-lines
• Isogenic DMD/WT Myoblasts
• Isogenic DMD/WT Cardiomyocytes

iPSC Disease Model Service,iPSC Reprogramming